Saturday, August 12, 2017

Almost mid-August

Okay... so it's 2017 right? 

August 2017 to be specific... and when I checked my last post it was December 2016! Hahaha! I really suck at updating blogs now. I used to be super eager to keep my blog updated but now... I don't know. I guess it's because ever since I started doing the traditional "keeping a journal" thing we used to do back when there's still minimal internet access and less technology, I've totally forgotten that this blog still exists. 

Don't get me wrong, I do love blogging but not that much anymore. What I enjoy doing now is making journals, doing letterings, making videos out of my hobbies and the usual arts and crafts stuff like painting and DIY projects. My artistic side nowadays is at its highest levels. It also feels good that I'm surrounded with people who share the same interests as mine. It makes these hobbies more fun and challenging.

Anyway, I don't know when I'll be updating this again, it might be tomorrow, next month or next year. I really can't tell.  However, if you do want to know what I've been up to and what I'll be doing in the days, months and years to come you can get updates on my Youtube channel: Craft Fairy

Also, let me mention that most of the videos you'll find on my channel are related to arts and crafts but for the last couple of months, I've been posting mostly lettering tutorials. So if you are into calligraphy, typography, letterings then please do check it out.  I'll be posting a DIY tutorial soon but I'm not going to mention what I'll be making. 

Btw, I finally had the chance to visit Tokyo last May. It was A-MAZING! I seriously want to live there. It's my kind of place. Hopefully, we can go back next year during the sakura season. 

Some of my latest artworks:


Two of the pages I completed coloring from the Obra Animalia adult coloring book:


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sketchpad Tour 2016

Hello! hello!

Oh my! It's been a while since I updated this. I'm going to cut to the chase ok? So I just want to share with you a video I made showing you the artworks I did this year. Let me just say that I've never ever fill up a sketchpad/book in my entire life so this year I'm proud to say that I finally did it!

Checkout what I've been up to:

Also checkout a Holiday DIY tutorial I made.

I have other videos uploaded on my Craft Fairy channel so please do check it out and subscribe! :)

Monday, August 15, 2016


Arts and crafts. That's what my forte is. I knew deep in my heart that I am not the office kind of girl. I want to be able to manage my own time. If I'm to work in an office setting again... I'll probably won't be able to do other stuffs that I can do now. Like do the laundry, iron my brother's clothes, wash the dishes (I'm the one responsible on those chores) because I will be sooo tired once I get home and would just like to sleep. 

I remember when I'm still working, I can't even do my hobby which is to draw. I really love doing arts and crafts and I regret not being able to have time to do those things back then because most of my energy are exerted on work. Even my weekends were spent on bed, sleeping. 

Why am I reflecting on this now? Because despite not being able to have a stable income (I get my income from my sales on my online store btw), I realize.. I feel happy, contented and energetic. I was listening to a podcast yesterday night before going to sleep and these were the thoughts that came into my mind. My gut feeling says that it's time I focus my attention on what I really want which is to improve my business and develop my art skills so I can have more opportunities to showcase my artworks. 

Whoever you are, use your talent. It will lead you to greater things!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On Life and some GoT

First of, let me warn you that this post might contain different topics as I've got too many things stored in my mind right now. It might even contain spoilers from the last Game of Thrones season as I've been a fan of the show ever since it started. So I might talk about it here as well so I'm warning you. If you don't want spoilers... stay away now. :)

Before I dive further into GoT, some life updates first... so I just turned a year older last month and ever since my post last June, I've done quite a few things. It was my first time to receive a commission to make an amigurumi (crochet doll) bear which will be used as props for a baby photography business. Since I've never done this before, it took me a long time to create my own pattern. Fortunately, I made a few adjustments from a previous pattern I made (bunny pattern) so that made it a bit easier.

I, my friends Nanz and Tin also went to Divisoria last month to buy some craft materials (for me at least). The two of them bought more stuffs though. They bought LOTS of stationary items since we're kinda obsessed with them right now. LOL I on the other hand only bought 2 (a notebook for my niece and a planner for me) since most of my money went to the crochet yarns  because I need to stock up for future projects.

After that wonderful experience (not really haha because it's really humid that day), we watched Finding Dory because hello childhood! We've been waiting for this for a long time! I did enjoy the movie except that this kid sitting beside me is too noisy and his shoes is like blinking lights whenever he walks (he does a lot of walking btw), and his mother didn't even know how to discipline her child. I love kids but this kid needs some disciplining...

I also had a post-birthday lunch with my besties Roxy and Nanz in this cool art restaurant one jeepney ride from where I live.

with  Roxy

and Nanz

The place was introduced to us by Roxy who lives closer to this amazing place. I brought another friend here prior to this meet up who also loves art. I'm thinking of selling my artworks on this place too but not this year though. I want to hone my artistic skills first haha. If I have time, I'll make a separate post about this place too.

Now, let's shift to the fandom that I belong... Game of Thrones! the last 2 episodes, Battle of Bastards and Winds of Winter were AWESOME! The cast and crew did an amazing job and you can definitely see just by watching it, the effort they did to make these episodes look like they were made for movie. My favorite part of the 9th episode was the battle scene (because that's what I love best in a fantasy/war show...hello LOTR). The scene when Jon Snow almost drowned from the dead bodies blocking him literally made me worry as we don't want him to be dead again right?

That LOTR moment as well... oh my! Remember the gandalf saves the day moment from LOTR Two Towers? It was the same feeling when those soldiers from House Arryn riding horses came galloping over Bolton's forces. As for the last episode of season 6... my favorite scene there was when Daenerys appointed Tyrion as the Hand of the Queen. It was such a great moment and I couldn't be happier for him. He deserves to be wanted and not be cast aside like what his own family did to him.

Whew! This post is getting long already. So there you go, my whole update for the past weeks. I'm not sure what to do after this. Maybe I'll do some crochet work and study patterns, maybe I'll draw or do some hand lettering exercises. I don't know. I'll figure it out.

Hope you have a wonderful day/night wherever you are! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Artworks for sale!

Hello pixies!

Wow! It's been more than two months since my March blog update! What happened? hahaha! I honestly forgot I still have a blog! Hahaha!

So... how are you?

Me? Well I'm gonna be a year older than today tomorrow. Did you get it? Haha. Yes, I'll be celebrating the year I was born tomorrow. It's also the first birthday that my mama is not around which makes this year my saddest birthday ever. But I'm still grateful for another year. Looking forward to more blessings that will come. I'll embrace everything with open arms. :)

Anyway, I'm quite draen to traditional art nowadays and recently I've done about 4 artworks. I'm loving watercolors and letterings so most of them are inspired by those. Here are 2 of my artworks (with watermark of course):


I'm selling these two artworks as digital files on my Etsy store. I couldn't bring myself to sell the original pieces because this is the first time that I fell in love with my art. Promise!

There are also other items on my shop, like a Bunny doll (crochet doll - amigurumi) that I also made myself including the pattern I used.

Anyway, that's about it! I gotta sleep early as I need to wake up early tomorrow to attend a mass.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sleepless pixie

It's been awhile since I posted here. Too many things happened which I prefer not to share online as it involves private matters within our family.

So moving on.. I just finished doing 3 commissioned doll hats which will be shipped to my customer tomorrow. Now, I still feel awake at 1:31 in the morning. What to do? Yup, I end up here in my blog. Honestly? I have a lot of things I want to post but I feel like I need to organize and outline them first before I share it here. I've been busying myself with stuffs such as coloring (adult coloring books), making videos (I finished editing another video which I shot last week)... I also did a lot of house cleaning ( involves sorting out clothes - lots of them - which we no longer use) and many many more.

I'm gonna put it all here once I manage to list everything down so I won't miss anything. Hate this feeling of wanting to write/type but once I'm facing the screen, couldn't bring myself to. Writer's block? No... I'm not even a writer lol. Alright, this is making no sense at all. Hope everything's well with you whoever you are who chance upon this blog. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One OK Rock in Manila with my concert buddy!

This is a super, super, late post about the very first concert I attended (not counting those other concerts held in our school which I don't even know and remember who the band is). The concert took place at the Mall of Asia arena (both my and concert buddy Nanz' first time on this place as well). When we bought our tickets way back September last year, we seriously don't have any idea what the layout of the arena looks like. If you have been a concert goer before and those concerts were held on the same place, you'll definitely have an advantage when purchasing a ticket since you know how close/far that seat is from the stage. However, Nanz and I were in luck since the employee of SM ticket outlet we went to assisted us happily and sort-of assured us how close the seats we chose are to the stage is.

When he handed over the tickets, it finally sinked in. This is it! We are really doing this. We are going to watch a concert!  A Japanese rock band's concert. One OK Rock's coming to Manila! - That's the best part. It's one of our favorite Jrock band and it's going to held a concert for the first time here and we will be part of history! Whatever Nanz was feeling at the moment, I'm sure it's the same feeling I got. 
My concert buddy Nanz and I goofing around before the concert starts. We are totally surprised of how close we are to the stage despite choosing  lowerbox seats. 

Let's rewind first on how I became a fan of the band. Back during the high school days, I've been watching this anime called Ruruoni Kenshin. I admit that I wasn't able to watch all the episode of the said anime but I've been a fan of it especially during the Shishio arc (but I'm not as good as my friends when it comes to the details fo the events). When the news came out that this anime will have its live action version, I was sooo excited. I forgot to mention that my group of friends are composed of people who love anime, jpop and jrock as well so everyone of us were spastic about it. 
Takeru Sato as Kenshin
photo not mine, credit goes to the owner.

Unfortunately when the first movie came out, I was not able to watch the film on the big screen. Poor me right? haha Well I have a reason why, it's because of work. Seriously. I have a stressful work load that all I can do after my shift is to go home and sleep and wake up and go to work again. It's as if I don't have any ounce of energy left in my body to do other activities. My friends did invite me to watch it with them but I told them I can't which is true. Work is really demanding for me back then. After the first movie was shown, my friends were talking about this song included on the film. A few months later though, my brother was able to borrow a copy of the movie and so I watched it. 

I now found out that the song they were talking about was this:

As soon as I heard that song... I fell in love with it. However I didn't research about their other songs just yet. The title of this song is The Beginning. Little did I know that this title perfectly describes how it will influence my choice in music will be in the near future.

For the next two Ruruoni live action movies, One OK Rock sort of became the official band to make the theme songs of the trilogy. The next song was Mighty Long Fall and the third is Heartache which is the song that leads me in searching for their other songs. 

Fast forward to the present time, Nanz and I already have their songs on repeat on the phone (for her) and I on my computer. I would no longer elaborate on how we ended up here. ("Here" meaning the events on how we became a fan, what songs we most listen to, etc) as it is really hard to explain. Since I'm already talking about the present time, let me tell you that during the months after we paid for our tickets, we were both planning on what to do, what time to meet up, what shirt to wear and etc. Of course we sometimes brought it up on our conversation occasionally of how excited we are but not as often as we talked about it now after the concert.

On the concert day, we arrived at the arena at 3pm and there's already a long line of fans waiting near the entrance. Nanz and I befriended 3 people while waiting for the gates to open. It's nice to talk to people who have the same interests as yours. At least the wait was bearable and ironically we didn't feel hungry at all even though we didn't have a pre-dinner. 
Finally! It was real!

Despite the delayed entrance time for concert goers, the whole event was 100% fun! Filled with joy and indescribable festive feeling. You can feel the overjoyed emotional state of each fans. It's like you can absorb the energy of the band. One OK Rock are definitely marvelous performers! They even sound better performing live! It's great to be part of their fans! I believe I'm not alone in saying that we truly truly appreciate you for coming HERE! 

The fans (including Nanz and I) are already anticipating for their return. Hopefully it will be SOON!

Btw, I didn't took a lot of photos during the concert as both of us are living the moment hahaha! We just couldn't take our eyes off the celebrities performing in front of us! :)