Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inspired by what I watch

Hello pixies!

I've been updating my Etsy store since last week as I got some new stuff up for sale. All of them are for ball-jointed dolls.

Anyway, two out of three of these ear flap hats I made were inspired by some characters most of you probably saw on film. If you know Despicable Me, then you know what is a minion.

So I saw this free crochet pattern online and I made some adjustments so that I can convert it to a doll-size hat. The original pattern is intended for human-sized.

Most of the patterns I actually have are fit for either adults or babies that's why whenever I download it, I need to put little or big adjustments depending on what size I'm making it for.

Another bjd hat I made is inspired by one of Marvel's popular heroes, Captain America. This is actually my own pattern. I based my design on the hero's color and his famous shield.


I love how it turned out as it's my first time creating an ear flap hat based on my own idea and imagination. I visualized it first then applied it by using my previous knowledge with making bjd aviator-style caps.

And oh.... do you love my model? He's my first boy ball-jointed doll.
He's handsome right? My friend Mari did his face-up.

I also made another sock monkey hat based on the color requested by one of the buyers in my etsy shop. It is a light blue-white and navy blue combination.

Aside from these items I put up, I also made an ear flap hat for one of my girl dolls. I decided not to sell this item because it's something that I just tried for the first time.

I got the inspiration from Frozen's Elsa. I chose a turquoise for the actual hat color and light yellow for the lining. I searched for some snowflakes pattern and added it as an additional touch.

I gotta admit, finding a snowflakes pattern is hard, not because I can't find anything - I find lots of it, but are way too big for the hat. Luckily though, after hours of searching I find 2 patterns that looks right.

For those who have ball-jointed dolls, would you buy this Elsa-inspired hat if I'm to sell it?

So I guess that's it for now, I'm currently searching for other possible patterns I can use so i can improve my etsy store's list of items.

Have a good day!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Quick Hi! and some tiny bits of update

Hi! I've been far away from blogging this past weeks and I have an excuse. I've been busy with some work (which is something that I'm thankful for) because aside from $$$, it diverts my attention to boredom.

I and my college peers were supposed to having a fun trip at the Ocean park last Saturday however we need to cancel it the last minute to give way for our friend Tin's upcoming resignation to her the current company she's working with (this is basically for turning over stuffs to those who are still with the company or something like that). Sooo, my supposed to be busy weekend became less busy and I would say that it's a perfect timing that we cancelled it because I got work to do.

Now, I'm not even sure why I'm saying this. Haha. So... this morning I woke up at 6am just to watch the Oscar's Red carpet till the actual award ceremony (that's how obsessed I am with Award shows in Hollywood). I only manage to sleep 1 hour but I need to keep my eyes open so as not to miss out on anything. The show ended at around 1pm here. Time difference sometimes sucks but that's life.

Ellen did an amazing job hosting. My favorite part was the "selfie" scene and the "pizza" scene.  To see some of the best  moments of 86th Academy awards including those mentioned scenes you can check it out here.

You can watch her opening monologue here: