Monday, August 15, 2016


Arts and crafts. That's what my forte is. I knew deep in my heart that I am not the office kind of girl. I want to be able to manage my own time. If I'm to work in an office setting again... I'll probably won't be able to do other stuffs that I can do now. Like do the laundry, iron my brother's clothes, wash the dishes (I'm the one responsible on those chores) because I will be sooo tired once I get home and would just like to sleep. 

I remember when I'm still working, I can't even do my hobby which is to draw. I really love doing arts and crafts and I regret not being able to have time to do those things back then because most of my energy are exerted on work. Even my weekends were spent on bed, sleeping. 

Why am I reflecting on this now? Because despite not being able to have a stable income (I get my income from my sales on my online store btw), I realize.. I feel happy, contented and energetic. I was listening to a podcast yesterday night before going to sleep and these were the thoughts that came into my mind. My gut feeling says that it's time I focus my attention on what I really want which is to improve my business and develop my art skills so I can have more opportunities to showcase my artworks. 

Whoever you are, use your talent. It will lead you to greater things!