Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baler Trip 2015

The month of May for me and some of my friends started on a higher note. We started it by celebrating Christine's (Tin) birthday in advance by going on a trip to Baler Aurora. Baler is one of the most visited beach destination in the Philippines. It is an ideal surfing spot for beginners.

Even though this place has a beautiful beach, I didn't swim though. First, because I don't know how to swim (despite my swimming class back in college) and second, I really think that even if I stay in the water near the sea bank, the waves will just easily carry me to the deep part of the ocean.

No regrets though. I enjoyed the view and the cool breeze that the beach has offered. The place is absolutely breath-taking. I'm grateful that Christine had organized this trip and I get to bond with some of our friends.

I'm not going to elaborate further on what happened on this trip as I have no intention of giving a historical background about each place we visited (this one I will probably do on my hubpage account or on future posts here). I'll let your eyes feast on the photos I was able to capture during this adventure. Additionally I'm sharing this video I also made just to give you a quick overview of our Baler experience.

Note: please select best quality for you to see the video clearly.

Check out some photos:

Sabang Beach

me at the foot of Ermita Hill

Ditumabo Falls

Hanging Bridge

Birthday girl Christine

Rock Formation

Museo de Baler

Dicasalarin Cove