Thursday, July 16, 2015

Errands and a little bit of patience needed!

Hello pixies!

I hope everyone's having a great day/afternoon/night. (FYI: This post are just ramblings of how I spent my day so if this is not your kind of thing to read, you can skip it. No hard feelings haha)

I've been one busy bee today. I woke up at around 8 in the morning which is too early for me because I had a long list of agenda that needs to be done. Oops, I just took a glance on my computer's screen and I didn't realize it's already 12:38 am, so technically I'm telling you the events from yesterday.

Anyway, going back, I've got this list of agenda. Around 9am I need to be at my mom's eye doctor's clinic to get an endorsement form that I can present to Philcare (which is a medical benefits services offered by the company my brother's working with) so that we don't have to pay for her next eye surgery which is today... in just a few hours. Fortunately, I accomplished that. After that my mom asked me to buy something including a takeout lunch which took up half of the time I spent outside. It was sunny so it's really, really hot but I'm not complaining because I would be so pissed off if it rained because the area where the hospital was built was (and still is) prone to flood. So... I'd rather sweat than wade in the flood.

I was home before lunch, which is a good thing because I seriously don't want to miss watching my favorite noontime show Eat Bulaga! I feel like my day won't be complete if I didn't get to watch it. They are not on  during Sundays so that's an exception.

Alright, in the afternoon, I get to relax a bit then my mom informed me that I need to accompany her to the bank so we can settle something. This was by the way not on my list because my brother was supposed to be the one who will accompany her but he called to inform us that he needs to finish something from the office and won't be able to come home earlier than expected. Oh---kay. Just so you know, it rained during our trip to the bank which is no surprise because I think I have "rain" as a twin. Every time I go out, it rains and I just don't know why.

So everything I said has been completed but I'm a little bit tired and drained of energy to move so it shifted my mood from all bright and sun shiny, to a bit "easily irritated" and frustrated. I mean I've been walking and commuting and carrying heavy stuffs all day and I still have things to do (like crochet products to sell and do some house chores like wash the dishes etc.)

Oh, and speaking of wash the dishes, I got a little bit, okay, I got pissed off big time by what tool place this evening. You see, I ordered takeout for dinner again and I, my mom and younger brother ate dinner earlier than my big brother since he's not home from work yet. So we used just a few stuffs that needs to be washed like glasses, utensils etc. So I only washed few things this evening. Then here comes my kuya (we call big brother as kuya here in the Philippines) and he told us that he's not hungry yet since he just ate something before getting home. After an hour or 2 I think, he came down, ate he's share of the takeout and he used a utensil - spoon and fork. So that's the only two pieces of object that needs to cleaned. It will only took a person to clean it less than a minute.

Guess what he did after he ate his dinner? he left the spoon and fork beside the sink. WOW! I can't express how irritated/disappointed I am (I did express my sentiments to my friend Nanz earlier while we are chatting haha) by that simple task that was left to... I don't know... whoever cares to clean those utensils... did he really expect any of us beside him to clean those two valuable items? *sarcasm here*

Well... did I scold him for that? No. Because I can't. He's older than me and I'm just really tired of using what energy I still have left on an argument that will lead to nowhere. I'm really sorry for ranting about this kind of stuff here, I did tried my best in maintaining my blog as bright as possible but I just need to blurt this out. I am thankful to Nanz because you see, we always chat using WeChat every day especially at night and we talked about this incident and it's just comforting to be able to rant about this to someone who will understand where you're coming from. (knowng Nanz if she read this, which I think she will because she's one of the only few who really reads this LOL, will answer me by saying, "you're coming from (insert street name here)." Hahaha.

Yes, so that's my story today. Pretty long huh? I can imagine the reaction of a blog hopper who happens to stumble here and read this. He/She might be thinking, this girl is totally hot-tempered and full of angst and rants in life. Haha. No I'm not. Today just happens to be one of those days in which negative vibes keeps swarming around you. (My positive fairy vibes didn't work yesterday.)

Anyway, I should call it a night. It's already 1:08am and I need to be energized this afternoon as I and Nanz will probably meet up to buy some last minute items in Divisoria, that we can use for our August event.
I hope you are having a wonderful day so far!

Just to end my blog with something light and might put a smile on your face, here's my doll Stardust's most recent picture. :)

My ball-jointed doll Stardust would also like to send you some positive vibes today!

Sprinkling you with positive fairy dust vibes!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A week of rain, rain and more rain...

Hello pixies! We currently have an awful weather here in the Philippines and so everybody's been trying to stay indoors with the exception of those who still need to go to work. I feel for them because I've been in that position for 5 years when I'm still working in an actual office.

Anyway, the rain's been pouring non-stop (I think I've established that one already) and it's making me lazy! Cold weather is bed weather and it's not a good thing for me at this moment because I need to keep on crocheting. I've been crocheting little amigurumi keychains that I can sell on two upcoming events this August so laziness is a no-no. But this weather just makes me want to curl up on the bed and read my favorite books.

I'm not really sure what the point of this post is but I just want to have a quick."chat" with whoever is reading this. Come to think of it...I'm not even sure if someone will bother to read this. Haha! (what a waste of time huh?)

It's already 11:47 pm here and I need to be up and early tomorrow for Sunday mass so I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I can post something more meaningful on my next update (still depends on my mood though.).

Sprinkling you with positive fairy vibes dust!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

What's in my bag?

I've seen several "What's in my bag?" videos on Youtube and I think these type of videos are fun to watch. Do you think you can guess a person's character based from what they put in their bag? I guess in some ways yes. Like for example if a person carries a book, you can assume that the person is a "reader."

You can also consider the place they are headed to by what they bring with them. if the person carries just important stuffs like money, phone, organizer etc... that guy/girl is probably going on lunch meeting, or just the grocery store.

However, we can't still judge someone according to the stuffs they have with them. What we see in the bag is just a small portion of what kind of person we are.

In the video above, I want to show you some of the stuffs I usually carry around with me. I just realized now that I didn't have my phone inside my bag when I filmed this one. I'm a heavy phone user so as soon as I get hpme, I always remove my phone from my bag. Just to let you know. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I love Sense8

Note: This post might contain spoilers so please do not proceed on reading this if you hate spoilers.
photo credit to Netflix and Sense8 Facebook page

One of my office mate (from the last company I worked with) recommended a TV series for me to watch which is titled Sense8. This series is created, written and produced by the Wachowskis who also created the hit franchise The Matix (which I also love!).

Anyway, Sense8 is about eight complete strangers living in different parts of the world who find themselves suddenly connected after they witness a violent death (more like a suicide) of a woman named Angelica. This opening scene already peaked my interest as it made me think how these eight people watched the same scenario while they are doing their normal activities on their respective countries.

Another thing that I like here is that, since they are emotionally and mentally connected, they sort of became friends with each others as they feel what each of them feels, may it joy, sadness, anger, lust and etc. They can even draw their strengths from each other. One of my favorite scene here is on episode 12 where Will and Riley, (I ship them!) need to escape from the main antagonist, Whispers who intends to kill them and anybody like them. In this scene, in order for them to escape, they need the abilities of each of the Sensate (that's what they call the 8 main characters).

I love the part were Will need to fight the guards (I think there were 4) blocking his path towards where Riley is being held captive. In order for him to do that, he needs the fighting skills of Sun Bak, who's a kickboxing star. So like being possessed by a ghost, Will manage to fight off these guards with Sun Bak doing the fighting using Will's body. I know it's kind of confusing but seriously this show is really, really GOOD! I just love these kind of science-fiction stories.

There are other scenarios that you'll love here. The characters are great, I also like their individual story lines especially Sun Bak's because she sort of symbolizes power in many aspects. Physically she's very I love the pairings as well, my fave of course is Will and Riley but I also love Nomi and Amanita's relationship. They show genuineness on their love and it's very nice to see how they trust each other. Then there's Lito and Hernando! Oh my gosh, you will love these two. I think they bring out something light about this mysterious show with the help of their own fangirl Daniela. Even though the main plot of this series is leaning towards drama, action with a mix mind-twisting occurrences, these three characters can still brings out some comedic feel in it.

The only thing I don't like about the series is the pacing. It's a bit slow for my taste. Honestly, I can think of a reason why this might be the case on this show. It's probably because it's a bit hard to build up each characters in this kind of genre. I think the production staff thought about how to make this story understandable especially to those viewers who's not particularly attracted in science fiction. In order to do that, they probably think of slowly building up the stories from each characters' point of view before joining them up together by the end of the season.

That's just my opinion and observation. They might have other reasons why that's the pacing they chose to do. Regardless of what others might think, I love this show. Netflix hasn't renewed the show yet as of this writing but I really REALLY hope they do. I still want to see more of these people. It would be nice to see how the characters will grow and if they will finally see each other in person (with exemption of Will and Riley who finally met on the last episode). It will be cool to see all 8 of them together.