Thursday, September 10, 2015

Looking Forward

There are two events I'm looking forward to... first is the upcoming trip next next weekend. This is a sort of hunting trip (not ghost, not animals) but more on food! hahaha! Yep, sort of a food trip with friends.

Second is the upcoming concert of One Ok Rock! Woot! woot! I seriously want to see a Jpop/Jrock band perform live and this is a big BIG chance for me. So I'm saving up so that I can afford the ticket! I hope this concert will pave way to other Japanese artist to perform here.

Anyhoo, I still have insomnia so I'll probably have blog posts during this time of the day/night? Whatever. I know you'll get what I mean.

Oh, I decided to make some Halloween hats for dolls which I'll be putting up on my store since it's almost Halloween time! I need to upload new items on my Etsy store and I'm squeezing some time for that despite the "sister duties" and other stuffs. I will definitely see to it that I will get back on drawing because I miss it SO much! Too many things I need to do but this time it's all about me. I'm no longer wasting my time for stuffs that I shouldn't have paid attention too much. I'm still doing my part but that's it.

What else... okay, I always find myself laughing or smiling like an idiot whenever I have this chat conversations with  my friends everyday, everynight. We have this group chat where we talk about our day and then later on our topic will shift to Aldub. If you don't know what Aldub is, you have to search it. It was pretty hilarious how we discuss this, like we are in an Anonymous group. Hahaha but seriously, we are solid Eat Bulaga and the concepts they create are truly brilliant.That's the only local show I am watching aside from the news.

Okay, enough about this random stuffs. I gotta iron some clothes first "sister duties" and then I'll continue what I'm reading which is Kite Runner. Ugh I can't finish that book (ebook to be specific) because I'm scared about the fate of one of the characters of the book even though I already know what will happen hahaha. But I always finish a book so I gotta continue reading it. It's a good book and I recommend you read it.

Dream on fairies!

*If you see spelling mistakes just ignore it, I've been typing like a mad woman because there are just too many things I have to say which I wanted to share. *

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Well... I'm back!

A lot of things happened that I can't even remember everything. But I can say that I will need to take a short break from crocheting because that's what I've been doing for the last couple of months in preparation for the two events.

Oh those two events - were awesome! I'm not going to go on further details but I really enjoyed attending and selling my items. It was quite an experience.

Anyway, I'm trying to go back on track despite some disappointments I felt with recent events. I'm going to focus on my most important priorities because I've neglected them as my attention was focused on things that other people neglected before. This time, I think I deserve to step aside, chill and take a break... have a kitkat LOL.