Friday, October 30, 2015

Just my personal opinion.

Just a little bit of ranting here ok? (please stay away from this post if you're not fond of rant posts).

Everyone of us has a list of "pet peeves" right? I'm not just the only one who gets easily annoyed by small stuff that our 5 senses can't stay away from. 

Let me share one out of too many pet peeves I have...

I seriously SERIOUSLY dislike seeing social media posts about personal prayers. You see, I'm a religious person and this stuff shouldn't really annoy me but HELLO? Why would you put personal prayers online specifically on social media accounts? I just don't get it. Other prayers are ok to share like for example prayer for World peace, good health etc that everyone can pray on their spare time and everyone can relate to. But prayers such as example, thank you for letting me get the job, pass the exam, etc. I don't know. Somehow for me putting prayers has its limitation. Firstly, who will read it? Does God have a social media account? If you want to thank the Lord, you should talk to him directly. there's nothing wrong with being spiritual but you should know how to practice it correctly. This is just my personal opinion, maybe for others this stuff doesn't bother them. Oh well, everyone has a freedom to express their selves so by all means go continue what you're doing. I just want to express what's inside my head now because I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to rant it directly to a friend -ehem Nanz! I'm pretty sure she has the same opinion on this matter as I 've ranted about this with her before. hahaha.

Okay I'm fine now. I was able to let my annoyance get out a bit so I'm good. :)