Friday, November 21, 2014

Sort of Art Dump or Art Dump 0.1

Hello pixies!

I decided to share some of the artworks I did for the past months this year because I haven't posted anything here since August. This month and next month will probably be the busiest month for me because I'm helping out my friends coordinate our friend's wedding. having said that I'm not sure if I can update this blog next month. So to make up for that, as I said before, I'll be sharing my artworks here.

Here they are:

Sorry for the heavy load of pictures but I've done quite a number of artworks while not blogging so yeah...
My art inspiration were usually about fashion. There's one though (modern Snow White) which I did for an art contest which has a theme of drawing a Disney character in a modern outfit. Obviously that one was inspired by Disney+latest fashion trends.

Aside from drawing, I have some bonding moments with my dolls so I've been taking their pictures too. here are some of the latest photos of my beautiful dollies:

Dolls featured in these photos were Jewel (an Oasisdoll Natalie) and Stardust (Asleep Eidolon Mignon). They are called ball-jointed dolls if you are curious about it. I've been a ball-jointed dolls owner since 2012. I wish to expand my doll family if I became rich in the future. :)

Alrighty, that's it for now!
Swish and flick!