Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, Fresh Start

2013 is about to end in 3 and a half hours from now (here in the Philippines).
I don't have any New Year's Resolution as I no longer do a list of "musts" every time a new year begins. This is because I realized (years ago) that if a person would like to change something about their selves, may it about personality, health, career, you name it... why wait for the year to end and do it the moment you really, really wanted it.

However, whatever works for you, do it. If you're a person who manages to check a lot of things from your resolution lists, go for it!

Before we said goodbye to 2013, have you thought of what good/bad things happened in this year? I would honestly say that this is the WORST year for me. I've got a lot of negative things that happened to me throughout this year... okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. The first half of the year was a good one. but the months following May... terrible. VERY terrible. It's been a struggling year for our whole family. I became depressed for approximately 2-3 months because of a devastating news and those months I cried. I can't even remember the last time I cried before that.

I'm not going to specify what this worst thing was because I still feel uncomfortable discussing it in any form. It's one of the reason why I only spoke about this with my "selected" closest friends. I even kept it from my other close friends because I don't want this to be a topic of our "how are you doing" convo becuase I'm trying to forget it as much as possible. I want my mind to linger on other things so I won't feel sad.

What hurts most are the nosy neighbors who are just too privy with our personal life. To think that these people serve in our church. One of them was even a godmother on my mom's wedding and she just can't stop herself from doing things that really really irritates me. Why can't she just mind her own business?

Ooops, this is turning into a rant post, haha, sorry I just can't help it. I'm feeling a bit emotional.

Anyway, even though 2013 brought a lot of bad things to me, I still feel lucky to have family and friends around me who are my source of strength. They encourage me to do things I normally do and just go on. It's the year in which I learned who my true friends are and it's also the year I learned how to truly act as an adult.

In this coming 2014, I only wish for happiness and good health for everyone I know especially my parents. This will truly make me happy.

Thank you God for giving me what I have!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Time to Start a Blog... Again

I've been a blogger for almost 10 years now but there was a long period where I just stopped blogging. I've deleted those blogs and I regret doing so. Now, I need a fresh start since there's a lot of changes in my life now. I'm no longer the person I was before because I was on my early twenties when I started blogging. Now that I'm about to reach the 30's I wanted to start blogging again and see my growth.

I've been doing a lot of things for the past 10 years and I'll share some bits of it in my upcoming posts. For now, I'll start reconstructing this page to make it beautiful especially to visitors who might stumble in this blog.