Monday, January 4, 2016

Goals 2016

image source: Pexels stock photo

Happy New Year!

It's the beginning of 2016 and probably most people have their New Year's resolution. I don't really do this list because I have this belief that you don't have to wait for another year to change. However... I always set goals (which I don't consider as resolutions) because these goals runs for many many years. 

image source: Pexels stock photo

For example, last year I've done several artworks and crafts. I'll just continue doing so and try to do more than I do the previous year. Another thing is updating my online journal (i.e. this one). I'll just continue blogging and will try to surpass the number of posts I did last year. And so on. 

Some on the other hand are good at keeping their resolutions. Good for you if you're one of them. Resolutions just doesn't work with some people like me. It's not because we don't have motivation or we luck enthusiasm on this kind of stuffs... we just  all have our own mindset. 

Anyway, I've already mentioned my goals (the art thing and blogging) but I've got other goals that I've been doing already for more than a year. 

Continue reading. 
Continue watching series and cartoon (specifically Adventure Time because I so love this show)
Continue drinking water. (few years I rarely drink water)
Continue making videos.

and more!

Just "Continue" whatever good things you've done regardless of what day it is!